Language and Communication

In Language and Communication, students continue to build vocabulary, work on writing skills, practice spelling, learn phonics and decoding, and read for comprehension, understanding, and enjoyment. We end each day with novel time in which literature is read aloud and themes, story lines, characters, and the like are discussed. Students are learning comprehension, poetry, rhymes, opposites, synonyms, alliteration, as well as how to pay attention and listen. Most students seem to thoroughly enjoy being read to.

Numbers and Numeracy

In Numbers and Numeracy, we meet the students where they are, whether that is number recognition or multiplication. We believe in employing a variety of strategies and manipulatives to ensure understanding and to solidify learning. Students learn a variety skills including counting, money recognition, measuring, telling time, addition, subtraction, multiplication, sequencing, and how to operate a calculator.

Computer Skills

In Computer Skills, students are learning parts of the keyboard, keyboarding skills (which also helps fine motor skills), how to use search engines, dangers of the internet, how to search YouTube, how to take photos, how to find/ use apps on an iPad, and many other essential computer skills.

Field Trips

As much as possible, we try to go on field trips as we believe there is no substitute for real life interaction with the community and public. It is during these times when eye-opening learning takes place for the staff. We discover things that it's impossible to uncover in the classroom, such as a student who has a fear of bees, escalators, or butterfiles; a student who has speech difficulties in class, yet speaks quite fluently when speaking natively; a student who doesn't know how to operate an automatic sink faucet because she's only ever seen sinks with taps; a student is normally withdrawn become actively engaged in a learning experience. Whenever we go on a field trip, students are exposed to new experiences that contribute to their intellectual growth, physical development, and collection of knowledge. The ability to experience the learning as it happens allows for a much more concrete method of learning.

Often we will co-ordinate trips with Herman Secondary School which allows for some wonderful interactions and socialization opportunities.

Every year we plan two board-wide movie outings which allow for all S.T.E.P.S. programs to come together and enjoy a pleasant, social afternoon. For many students, this is a rare opportunity to see former classmates and to see an entertaining movie with a whole bunch of friends.

Self Help, Self Care

In Self-Help/ Self-Care, students are learning to take care of their personal hygiene and appearance, including proper hand washing techniques, flossing and brushing, sneezing and coughing etiquette, dressing appropriately for occasions and weather, tying shoes, buttoning, and zipping, and putting items on properly. They are also learning to sort the laundry, run the washing machine, load the dishwasher, sweep the floors, wash the dishes, and several other household responsibilities.


In culinary, we offer a weekly staff lunch program that teaches several skills including food preparation, food safety, serving, bussing, clean-up, reading and following a recipe, measuring ingredients, and how to use appliances and utensils. Every week students prepare a 3-course lunch that they deliver to the teachers whom have ordered. The cost of the lunch is $5, which is used to pay for ingredients and supplies, and offset field trip costs.

Social Skills

In Social Skills, we focus on age-appropriate modelling that promotes manners and good citizenship. We emphasis eye-contact, clear speech, age appropriate language, politeness, and teach conversation strategies that promote communication skills and good manners.

Physical Health and Education

In Physical Health and Education, students are learning a variety of exercises including walking, dance, aerobic exercises, yoga, weight training, stretching, as well as nutrition, and healthy habits. They are also learning how to play team sports, how to work as a team, and the characteristics of good sportsmanship.

The Arts

In The Arts we are exploring music, dance, art, and mindfulness. Every morning we take a few minutes to stop and breathe. Students are learning to listen mindfully, speak mindfully, be more mindfully aware of their feelings and bodies, as well as the environment around them.

They are learning to focus on their breath which helps them to concentrate and feel more calm. This is a beneficial way to mentally prepare for learning and Students are also enjoying listening to different genres and styles of music, learning how to play an instrument, keep a beat, and unleash their creativity.

Multi-Sensory Room

Two years ago, Walkerville S.T.E.P.S. designed its own multi-sensory room thanks to the hard work and dedication of amazing staff. Very similar to a Snoozlen room, our multi-sensory environment provides stimulation and relaxation. Students volunteer to go to the room during first period, but are encouraged to use the environment anytime they require a break.