About Us

There are no limits to the heights we can reach
when we all work together.
It is our philosophy that every student has the ability to reach his or her potential. We believe strongly in providing a safe, caring environment where students can learn and flourish. Our staff works cohesively as a team to ensure consistency and smooth transitions from one activity to another, from one location to a new one and from one class to the next.

In our program, we believe in setting the bar high for your child. We believe that all students can reach great heights if given the right opportunities and the best education. We provide real life opportunities to teach functional life skills. Students are challenged in fun and interesting ways that engage their minds and promote their independence.

Your child may be with us until the age of 21. In that time we believe that is our responsibility to help your child develop as many skills as possible and graduate as independent as his/her potential allows. In our department it is very much a family atmosphere. Our caring and dedicated staff all strive to provide the best education for your child. We hope they will feel happy here.